Garden’s Best®-Carbo-FORCE

The future of decentralized clean energy



The Carbo-FORCE system

Carbo-FORCE systems can be used flexibly! Ideally, they are operated where carbon-containing residues and waste materials accumulate and heat or electrical energy is required. The plant can be installed on your property or as a central unit at a suitable location to serve two to three companies in the immediate vicinity. They improve energy independence, create local jobs and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Environmental protection, CO2 sink and sustainable energy - actively counteracting climate change!

Our technologies offer a CO2-negative alternative to combusting of fossil fuels and avoiding organic waste. The biochar produced corresponds to an equivalent amount of CO2, which is permanently removed from the environment due to the long-term stability of the biochar. Hence, the Carbo-FORCE process is one of the few processes available worldwide for the long-term removal and storage of CO2. Our promise: No generation of new waste! A long-term contribution to environmental protection.