Premium biochar: the all-rounder

Garden's Best® biochar adsorbs pollutants, provides an optimal habitat for microorganisms and improves soil quality.

Biochar has valuable applications in agriculture, soil improvement, air and water filtration, pharmaceuticals and the food industry.



Use of Biochar

Vegetable biomass absorbs atmospheric CO2 during growth by means of photosynthesis. Through rotting or combustion, the absorbed carbon is almost completely released again as CO2. Biochar can, when optimally charged with nutrients, for example, play to its strengths as a soil improver and highly efficient water reservoir.


Garden's Best® quality

The production of our biochar takes place with the most modern process control and engineering systems on the basis of a highly developed production process, which was specially designed for this purpose on the basis of the relevant state of the art.


Help the environment with this alternative natural product!