Carbo-FORCE - The future of sustainability

Use organic residues as a resource, generate clean energy, remove CO2 from the atmosphere and produce high-quality biochar as a versatile product!

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Garden's Best® - Focus on climate change and protection

Against the background of the almost unchecked development of global greenhouse gas emissions despite all efforts, modern developments and solutions must clearly focus on climate change. In the near future, sustainability and climate protection will be key assessment criteria for the application of processes and products.

Garden's Best® offers a unique technology for CO2-negative energy generation. With the coupled production of Biochar, a high-quality and versatile product, you contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide. While the production of biochar from biomass residues already pays off economically, useful heat is also generated in the production process of the Carbo-FORCE plant.

Join in now and run a Carbo-FORCE plant - technology that combines ecological and economic action!


The key to success: biochar.

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